Sound list file

BveTs Sound List 2.00:encoding
soundKey1, filePath1, bufferCount1
soundKey2, filePath2, bufferCount2
..., ...

File header

File format

The file format must be described always at the beginning of the file. The string indicating the current train file format is

BveTs Sound List 2.00

Character encoding

The character encoding of the file may be described after the file format. If the character encoding is omitted, UTF-8 is used.

For example, the file header of ISO 8859-1 is shown below:

BveTs Sound List 2.00:ISO_8859-1


Text from a sharp ( # ) until the end of the line is a comment, and is ignored.

Sound list

Column Parameter name Description
1 soundKey Any string. Sound keys are used in map file, station list file, and train file.
2 filePath Relative path to a WAV file from this file
3 bufferCount Number of buffers (Number that can be played the sound in parallel)

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